impreza performance help


2007 impreza
just got a 2007 5door impreza 1.5 . I love the car but its jsut too slow.i like the auto /sportshift but still i need some more out of it. the only thing i can think of is an engine swap to the 2.0 version.Any ideas?
first off, its a 1.5. IIRC they are also AWD, and its an auto! that car will never go fast without big money put into it! My advice? spend not a penny on it and save for a nice STi :D
Hello there and a very warm welcome to TorqueCars, nice to meet you. An engine swap is probably your best option. It will be hard work dropping in a turbo 2.0 but I'm assuming your talking about the NASP 2.0?
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