Old Subaru imp 1995 only a 1.6 2wd



Sorry to even add this but i have a 95 imp 1.6 2wd, and am trying to figure out what i can do to ad dto any performance, unlike all your 2litre turbos, i have a measly 1.6, but the car has been made up to look like a 2 litre ( without bonnet scoop, soon to follow, possibly) was wondering without actually changingthe engine, what can i do to add to performance, any help or advice will begreatfully appreciated.. many thanks RED
Find yourself a nice doner 2.0 Sport (4x4 none turbo model but still nippy) and take all the brakes, suspension (unless you have it lowered already) engine, Loom, ecu and 4x4 system and just bolt it onto yours. I helped a friend do this exact conversion and we had a it done in 2 days from start to finish with the car completly running. Made a hell of a difference. Plus you'll then get the Scooby sound as the 2.0 sport is the exact same EJ20 engine but without a turbo ;)
Welcome Red, took me a few seconds to realise what an Imp was!
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