Subaru Impreza WRX STi


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We know how ugly the new Subaru Impreza is, but this car's all about how it drives. And it does that beautifully


What do you think then?
Initially, i would agree. However, if you see it after a couple of times, it started to grow on me. it began to look sexy specialy the rear section. Like seeing a girl in your class who would start to look good at the middle of semester=)
Hmmm... still not feeling the love. Especially when you compare it to the new Evo. Not saying I'd sell my Subaru to buy a Mitsubishi, but at the moment, I won't be chopping it in for a hatchback either...:blink1:
True, the new evo looks great and even as a subaru owner, i have to say that it has an edge over the new sti when it comes to styling, specialy the front end=) but this is only my opinion
Have any of you guys seen the new plans to put the boot back onto the Scooby hatchback? pretty much the same from the center pillar forwards but looks 100% better at the rear and I would imagine it will give the old beast it's stability on the rear back again.
Yup no probs.

Heres a concept art of the standard Impreza GL version. Just from this shot the mond runs wild as the potential hehe!


This is a shot of an actual WRX version being tested. And again, the mind runs wild as to what the WRX STi and limited edition models could be like.



Can you imagine what a new 22b would look like with the wide arches :eek:

I can't seem to find one of the WRX STi or above but i'll post as soon as I do ;)

On another note, I know it's not a Subaru but... Honda are apparently goin to do the same with the very weird looking Honda Civic and create the Civic Mugen Si sedan which I think look 100% better.

Yup, definately going in the right direction. Its strange though but the red just doesn't look right! ;)
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