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New Mexico
I live in New Mexixo approximately 5500 ft altitude. I have had tunes from in motion and eurocharged, were all nice tunes, but not the most gains that could be made. I drive an SRT6 with dcai, 185mm pulley, coolant upgrades, tweaked intake manifolds and I would like to maximize the performance with an excellent tune. Any suggestions please, or is TorqueCars available for this ask? In the past I had a wet shot setup up to 150 and the car handled it great. I plan on adding nitrous down the road just to keep in mind and would ovbisouly need a different tune for that. In the meantime I would love to maximize my current setup and see if I can receive a better tune than the aforementioned eurocharged and inmotion. I look forward to hearing back. Thank you.
We are based in the UK but I'm sure some members on here are from your region and can provide tips on places to go for this work.

It sounds like you have the modding bug so you'll fit in great on here.

Did you have any fuelling issues with the current setup?
I did upgrade the fuel pump to the walbro 255. I have. I have not had any fueling issues, but I am at 5500 ft altitude which could have something to do with that.

Modding bug indeed, this is my 4th srt6 finally got a black one. Had different set ups on all of them. The 178 pulley is most efficient from needswings but I had to try this 185 out especially being at the this high altitude.

When it comes to tuning we have been stuck with two options for awhile out here, been hoping for something new to pop up. Take care out there in the UK!

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