tuning my mitsubishi eclipse


united states
eclipse gs 4cyl
was wondering if anyone could give me advice on if i could put a turbo on my eclipse gs or not. not wanting to buy another car with a turbo already. just want to know if i could
We get asked this question a lot so have a look at this thread which covers the basics. I have to admire your ambition though!:D And I hope you pull it off.

Cheap turbos can be purchased from breakers yards which are ideal for a try it and see type project.:bigsmile:

There is nothing stopping you but the money and hassle will just not be worth the power gain you get. It is better to just buy a better car for your tuning project.:confused:

Adding a turbo is a major engineering task and without a kit with full instructions and all the parts you need there is a big risk of blowing up the engine. Expect to spend 50 hours upwards on a project of this type.

This is not the sort of modification you should undertake unless you are mechanically competent and know what you are doing.

It is worth looking at superchargers as these are generally much easier to install than a turbo is.
thanks. i wasnt sure how i would do it. but i guess ill just have to buy a car with the turbo already and just upgrade it. thanks this helps alot
My friend at school keeps telling me to turbo it get a 4G63 engine and swap them, make sure the 4G came out of a GST submodel I believe since they too are front wheel drive. From what I know the GS(I drive a 95 GS) has the 420A Chrysler engine in it which sucks lol
If you were going to change to a MITSU engine why not just get a donor wreck with a turbo engine already in it. Then just swap the engine, ecu and loom that way.

This is pretty much the idea, probably what I will do when I get to it with enough money.

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