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For those of you who have been following my project here, you might be interested to know the change in tack that I'm taking. The idea is now to make a 400whp diesel from a stock 1.2L all aluminum 3. I've figured a map like this would suit the Nissan HR12Dxx with 25lbs dialed in. Power band should be from 5250-7500 with 280ft/lbs. Too optimistic? Keep me honest and tell me the problems I'm gonna have.
Thanks for the update. Fuel delivery for 400hp is going to be a problem on a 1.2 diesel. Just 3 injectors, have you worked out the fuel requirements and injector sizes for this?

What are you doing to strengthen the crank/pistons and cylinder head.
Yes I have, 100lb/hr with high atomization and wide pattern look like the solution for an 80% duty cycle but I might be able to get away with the ubiquitous 80lb'ers. The fuel pump will need to be stout too (60psi). I plotted a 2 bar boost map for a garden variety T3-60 fully adjusted for temperature and restrictive loss but don't see how to upload it from my computer. The durability may be an issue but with the long stroke and tiny holes, I think my main concern will be keeping it from leaking under the pressure.
Not an issue, it's diesel now so detonation is good :)

More specifically, the engine has VVT and it'll be tuned to avoid an unburned fuel condition even at 2 bar.
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