Smoking Prelude



:cry: I have bought a 1999 Honda Prelude 2.2vti . It has 74k miles and full service history[not honda]. Under heavy accelleration excessive smoke comes out of the exhaust. Unusually for honda I have just had to put 2 pints of oil in after 2k miles. Performance seems to be OK .
Does anyone know what could be causing the smoke....valve stem oil seals?....etc
Is there a particular problem with this engine ?

Any help would be appreciated.....
Hi Fraser - good to have you along. Could be valves - it a question really of tracking down the obvious in a process of elimination. The engines are pretty solid. Try getting a compression test done to see if it is one of the cylinders. Morays oil additive can help with this problem if it is only minor. BTW you can cause this problem if you use oil that is too thin! What oil did you use?
ummmmm, did the previous owner look like he thrashed it??? theyre solid engines, i wuld put my money on valve stem seals/guides, thrashed vtec engines drink oil, alot ist a good sign :(, this may sopund a bit far fetched but, adding a fuel pressure gauge and monitoring the rises and falls at different engine temperatues, speeds and RPM might indicate a few things??? RMJ
It sounds like there is oil getting into the combustion chamber, I had a similar problem on my prelude a good oil additive should fix the problem for 8000 miles-ish, I recommend slick 50 about 30bucks. or you can get the seals and stuff renewed at a much higher cost, have you also looked for any external oil leaks, on the bottom of the sump is usually a good place to start

what coulor is the smoke?honda say its normal for vtec to burn 1ltr for every 5000km,but i think thats bull.i have a 2.2 vtec prelude and it dont burn one drop of oil,no matter if im in vtec 24\7 in which im not,im in it 24\6 sunday is a day of rest, ha ha.if its blue its oil seals around the pistons.2 pints per 2 km is a lot do for it to be burning,check that the oil filter and sump are tied proper,if they are sorry mate your engiene is will still have power.your best bet would be to track a second hand engiene from a scrapyard,its cheaper than fixing it.unless you have money for a super charger,then you could rebuild the whole thing.let me know whats happening mate
try this, do a compression test on all 4 cylinders, make a note of each reading. repeat this process but pour a small amount of oil (a tea spoonish) down the bore before you check for the second time. if the readings go up then your piston rings are goosed, if it stays the same then it could be valve stem oil seals or possibly head gasket (oil way to chamber)

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