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Prelude 1998 VTEC
Hey TC I just recently bought a 98 Prelude and I was looking for any advice I could get on the car to increase it's performance, any help would be greatly appreciated.
What exactly is that performance air filter? That's probably a dumb question but I'm pretty new to cars and am trying to learn lol
No question is a dumb question if you don't know the answer buddy ;)

A performance air filter allows more air to pass through it and therefore in certain applications this means more power.
AEM is the manufacturer so you will have to check the exact model choices available for your car. If you have a cold air intake kit already then you might be able to just clean the cone air filter on the end of the pipe with a proper cleaning kit. If it is too far gone and neglected i.e. filthy dirty and beyond redemption, then replace it - just the cone air filter on the end I mean as the ducting pipe does not usually require any work done to it apart from a polish on the outside.
Alrighty will do. So what were the higher cams that you said I could look into. I saw a lot of different kinda cams on the 2k website but wasn't sure the difference between them all.
Well I am no expert on the Prelude buddy, I just happen to know a guy who has one and he uses these people. From what I gather they are quite amenable when asked questions so they should be able to help you further :)
Ok, thank you for your time. Sorry I had so many questions, just trying to learn. I will be sure to ask them though.

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