1994 honda prelude


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honda prelude 1994
I wanted to get some tips on tuning my prelude Im new at this and do not even know where to begin I would like to end up getting the best set up possible for power
Welcome to TC mate, good to have you, I love the preludes, be sure to post some pics soon as you can, just hang ten sure some one can assist you.
Well how far would you wanna go, what's your budget, a basic start is usually a proper cold air induction kit[ some say yes some say makes no difference, depends on your setup, more for turbo cars] coupled with a sports cat, and a performance remap of the ECU. Later maybe some more aggressive cams and porting of the heads. See if you can't find a tuner that has extensive experience with your engine for more focussed advice and pricing.
cold air intake (I personally think it makes no difference)
catback exhaust
ecu reflash
lower it (It must pass the shoe test. Some people use lowering springs, others use coilovers like I did. DO NOT cut your springs. You're more likely to ruin it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qT_jgVqxH5U )
better shocks/struts (If you're going to coilovers, you can skip this one)
brake upgrades (bigger rotors, calipers and better pads)
bigger wheels (to fit the bigger brakes under them)
short shift kit
sway bars
Hey guys I have a 1994 prelude non vtec 2.2 litre and am looking at et a new exhaust just wondering what would let off a good note and still save fuel

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