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Hi, I’ve read the massively informative pages written by Waynne Smith about tuning the Rover T-Series engine. I am looking for recommendations for a company that are experienced in undertaking rebuilds / tuning of the T-series engine.
I plan to build a Land Rover Defender with a T-series turbo engine.
I hope I haven’t missed any relevant threads.
Hi Waynne! thank you for your awesome website !!
I fell into this article you wrote about the Rover T16 2litre naturally aspirated tuning :D
I would love to do the same !
is there a chance I can get the list of things and measurements you did to yours?
I am all the way in greece and unfortunately no here knows how to tune these engines :/
It was a long time ago so I don't have any paper work or specs to hand but from memory.

The 3 angle valve job and head porting/polishing made quite a difference to low end torque. I fitted a Scorpion exhaust to it but can't remember cam specs. It still leaked oil after a rebuild so I wish I'd gone for better quality oil seals and spent more time checking they fitted cleanly.

Motobuild racing were the UK company I got most of my parts from.

I'm really pleased people are still playing around with these great little project engines.

I had dreams of going for a Turbo to turn it into a proper "Tomcat" but that would have needed lower compression and stronger pistons etc.. I tried to keep everything as close to stock as I could so the pistons and crank dimensions were the same as OEM but a little stronger and better balanced so I could use higher RPMs.

I had an FSE fuel pressure regulator fitted which improved throttle response but didn't really add power.

It ate clutch cables after a fitted a "power clutch" those plastic clips are not the best design around.

The ECU is a nightmare to tune, most fit the ICON Race or another aftermarket ECU on these there is not many around who know much about the MEMS ECU's and how to get properly into them. The immobiliser is part of the ECU so many keep that stock and go with a piggyback ECU to keep it simple.

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