Your car falls into a river


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OK so for our second urban survival situation.

Your car falls into a river, you and another 2 occupants are inside the car. What do you do? Again in this situation lives can be lost if you do things in the wrong order.

The car initially floats but starts filling up with water and is beginning to sink.
get out as quickly as you can, dont wait for the one tale that you have to wait until the cars full of water before opening the doors as by that point panic will have set in.

anybody seen transporter 3 it shows how to do it all you need is a couple of bags and let the air out of the tyres
Probably just salute and go down with my ship.

Seriously id try and get out as quick as possble, im the type of person who will stay relatively calm in most situations cant say that for my friends though.
I'd probably say some swear words intermingled with the words to the effect of "Please alight from the vehicle."

The only people who can get away with driving into bodies of water are those driving white 80s Lotuses on the trail of sub-aquatic submarine stealing megalomaniacs or the guys in the Nissan from Cannonball Run
What about taking shoes off? When do you wind down the windows and is the removal of the seatbelt a priority?
I'd be hitting the window down switches as soon as I knew I was going in - the idea being pressure isn't a problem and we can all simply go for a swim.
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