problem with 1998 rover 406 series



i need help badly i have a 1998 rover 406 series. i had put 25 pound the the tank and i am not having to put more in. i have only done 50 miles before it ran out, i really need help. the thing is it is constantly running out in such short amounts of time.
Need a little more info.
Any mods to the car?
Does the engine sound right? The exhaust?
Is there a hole in the tank, fuel lines or pump?
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Can you smell any petrol at all when the car is stationary with the engine off? I would suggest trying what my esteemed colleagues above have suggested you look at, plus I ask this, has the drinking problem started recently or does it have history? When was the car last fully serviced which would take into account the fuel filter? My two pence worth, check the tank both top and bottom and in particular the fuel line to the pump if the pump is not integral, fuel filter and pump for any signs of leaking. Double check the spark plugs are ok and that the air filter is clean as if this is dirty it will cause the car to run much richer than it should do and therefore more fuel will be drunk at an alarming rate. Also look at the tyre pressures and make sure they are good and more importantly at the correct tyre pressure as low pressures mean the engine will have to work harder to move the car along. All these things if not checked and added together can mean your car drinks petrol like a Jaguar V12 XJS but without giving you the performance in exchange.

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