Really tough new MOT test has come in


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Just had my car in for it's MOT, and it failed big time. The MOT rules have changed significantly now and the MOT test itself costs £120 over double the original cost.

Failed on
  • Small 5mm chip on windscreen in drivers view.
  • Headlight lens translucency
  • Slightly noisy wheel bearing (there is no play in it though)
  • Front left indicator too yellow
  • Slight frays on the edge of the seatbelt
  • Dashboard service light was on
  • One bar on the rear windscreen demister is not working
  • CV joint leaking (I was expecting this one)
  • Front and rear brake pads have 6mm of wear left
  • 1mm ridge on the front and rear discs
  • Emissions failure - last year it would have passed with flying colours this year it is so tough pretty much every pre 2008 car is failing.

Just be wary when you book in for an MOT this year chaps, a lot has changed and your going to end up with a large bill to fix it.

I see the benefits and merits of a tough MOT test but this is just plain silly. It's going to cost me around £1500 to put the car through it this year.
Tough new MOT test lol, good one, you had me going there even though mine passed last month with no advisories. If there’s one thing I really wish they’d tighten up on in MOT’s it’s the headlight aim. Car headlights are getting brighter and brighter and the number of times I get blinded by poorly aimed headlights coming towards me…. The other night I had someone following behind me with a badly aimed light that completely lit up the interior of my car, I said to my wife How can that guy not be aware of it? Grrrrrr. I think all they get right now is a cursory check on beam height and make sure there's a 3 degree dip.
I'd be a lot more worried if they started doing driving tests every three years or so. I'd never get the hang of the computerised bit, tried it on one of those CD's you get that help people prepare for the test and no way Hose-A. and the Highway Code with all those updates - sheesh. Bye bye car, hello public transport.

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