Really need help. Pls read.


United Kingdom
BMW 320i e90 2005
So the situation is...
I bought a BMW 320i e90 '05 with the awkward N46 engine off of Facebook Market Place from a dodgy looking guy who said it only had a misfire and i just had to change spark plugs, ignition coil packs and i was set. Boy was I fooled. So we did that, changed it all, got a new wiring loom, new injectors, new valvetronic servo motor, engine flushed, new oil filter, new oil and it is STILL misfiring. What could it be? Pls help I am desperate!!
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Is it throwing up any diagnostic error codes. Air flow meter, Lambda o2 sensors are usual culprits. Have you run some engine cleaner through it?

Do a compression test and make sure the cylinders and valves are all good before you throw more money at it.
A leakdown test will give even more info about the health of the motor as in the event of low CR reading on any cylinder you will find out if it is the rings or valves that are at fault.

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