OBD Tuning using kwp2000 flasher + tuning files

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Hi, i am new to the site and have spent serveral hours on google trying to find some information on obd tuning. I have just bought the kit of ebay and am looking for more information on how to use it. I have not found much, but i have found your site, and thought this has to be the place for information tuning. I would love to hear from anyone who has already purchased this kit or simular.
I have conected the kit today to a rover 75 cdt estate. I read some info from the ecu, but was not sure if i had the correct file for the job so bottled out and exited the program.
Any one who is intrested in giving me some help, would be greatly appricated and maybe we could stick a load of info on here which will help it get going, as i am sure this infomation is no where else!
Thanks Andy :)
Be very cautious with the changes you make. A 30% increase in power and torque is not achieved simply by ramping up all the parameters 30%.
I had mine done professionally by Celtic Tuning, and, yes it really does work but they keep the secrets from the customer.
Custom ecu tuning is best done ona rolling road there are too many variables involved for a DIY at home job.

Will the program take a back up - it seems sensible to ensure you can go back to the factory settings.
does anyone know where to find tuning files for this kwp2000 interface ?
i just bought one on ebay :)
did not yet receive it though , i hope the cd that comes with it , contains some good files 8)
hi , no , i only have the kwp2000 interface comes with all cables for different cars (older bmw ) and odb2 connector
I have looked at the DVD today, it contains many many files.
But , is there some tool to view the parameters of those files, what i mean is , how can i know what that specific file does ?
for example , the filenames are like this :

OBD Tuning is very difficult for the home user - since an OBD reader can only request a couple of items of data per second so the OBD connection is little more than a diagnostic tool there is nowhere near the bandwidth required for proper realtime tuning diagnostics.

Most manufacturers have devised their own way of programming the ECU and retrieving information but they all have to support the OBD standard as a legal requirement so if you get the right map for your engine and electronics it can be flashed through the OBD port but even the same engines come with slightly different sensors and settings on different years so you have to be really careful which one you choose to flash with.

Many factory ECU's have security codes and these must be over-ridden before a new program is accepted. Mis-flashing can fry your ECU so be very careful. ECU's with Boot sectors are a little more forgiving but it is still risky business.
Hi mate,
i may well be a bit biased but i really would advise you not to use any files that you get on a disc off ebay.. they are cheap for a reason!! they are crap..
to create a map for any given vehicle takes time and knowledge and more importantly, experience..
a map is only as good as the person that modifys it. you only get what you pay for..
we mapped a clio 182 cup recently that had flat spots and wouldn't hit the rev limiter. it had already been remapped and the guy didn't know as he bought it from a garage and just thought it needed setting up?
to say it was a crap, cheap map is an understatement, and he was sent away with a properly remapped car, one happy customer..



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