M271 C200 potential and tuning


Hello Guys,
i´m new to this forum and i`m searching for informations for my W204 C200 Supercharged. I allready changed the pulley and chipped it. I wanted to ask you for the potential of this engine and which options i have to increase the engines power. Sorry if my english isn´t that perfekt i`m from Germany.
Did you find our article on the M271?

A fast road cam is your next mod, but you've already done the best mods so extra mods will only add a little more power to what you've already achieved.

Have you looked into weight reduction? Carbon fibre hood, light weight seats, remove spare wheel etc....

What power are you running right now? Did you uprate the injectors and fuel pump or were these ok?

Your english is fine, certainly better than my German!
Hallo thanks for your answer carbon hoods or other carbon parts arent allowed just with a special e number. Getting carbon parts with it will cost about 2 oder 3k thats too much.
I guess the power i drive on is about 210 ps maybe 220.
IMO you are running about the max the fuel system can deliver so with any new mods you should increase the fuelling to avoid flat spots and running lean.

Thinking about this if you fit new performance cams, new pistons & crank aiming to lower compression ratio and increase capacity, new kompressor for higher boost, remapped ECU, new filters adding performance you could theoretically reach around 240bhp max, but this is quite expensive.

Did the 230 have a larger compressor if so this could be a simple swap for a bit more boost.

Realistically you've done all that I would recommend is economical and sensible to do on this. If you want more power than that it gets very costly indeed.
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