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1998 Chevy Tahoe
Wow, a great article. I'm pretty sure my Bertha ('98 Tahoe) will accept ECU remapping, because there are a number of aftermarket devices whose literature seems to be saying so, though I had not seen that word "remap" until I read it on these forums. I did notice that the article said that with some vehicles and devices, the cruise control is used in some way. Does this mean that some aftermarket devices can sense engine behavior while cruise control is in use, and develop a custom remap according to sensor inputs? This sounds quite interesting to me. I'm not after huge gains, I like the steady reliability Bertha gives, but I'm all for happy improvements :)

Now being at least a tad more educated, it looks like a Stage 2 of this kind:
might be a pretty nice add-on. Thoughts, anyone?
The car computer is becoming more and more complex to cope with emissions requirements and reliability. So sensing engine load and throttle positions some can even anticipate when more power is needed and will adjust and trim accordingly.

The first ECU's just used to trim the fuel if was running lean or rich, but now it's a whole new world.

If you properly service your car and have got good solid quality parts on it, then remapping it makes a lot of sense, it's practically a "free" power upgrade. If you have a diesel with a turbo you usually get more power and more economy, but petrol engines tend to just give more power.

There is a whole world of aftermarket ECU's piggy back ecus and chip swaps to explore.
I've been using this:

for about a month. Definitely seems to be delivering per above deep dive, advertisements, and reviews elsewhere. Noticeable fuel savings, noticeable engine behavior improvement, and it seems to keep the RPMs in sweet spots very nicely indeed in different driving speeds. I found a right-angle OBDII cable:

which keeps it well out of the way.

Quite a lot of improvement for not much $. Does not give access to its internal decisions, for that I'm certain we'd be talking another two or three zeroes on the price tag!
Thanks for the update, it's good to hear positive feedback. Glad it's worked so well for you.
Yup. Now almost a year later, still going strong. And after a few other minor issues (new plugs & wires plus a newly finalized negative ion air setup), it's running smoother and better than ever before. This is a 220,000+ mile (340,000+ km) engine, no rebuilds or remotely similar.
Appreciated :-) I can't stay away too long, y'all are too excellent. I'm almost ready to write up the final edition of the ionizer widget, I'll make sure it gets up here somewhere good.
Cool, why not email something over to me on webmaster@ this site, and i'll drop it on the main site as a feature? I'm happy to do a full editorial review and tweak for you, so you just have to get the main points and facts down.
That is wonderful, Waynne, thank you!!! I have a partner in the effort now, and I want to make sure he and I are on the page together, I will be in touch! I'll also send him this thread.
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