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hello chaps i am back sorry for not posting lately.i was not modding the escort it was just a workhorse.but i am back now with a 2 door ford focus 1.6 zetec se.i am looking forward to modding.gonna start with some bigger alloys i think.its got 15 inch on at the moment.any ideas on best mods worth doing to inprove performance.cheers chaps.glad to be back.
If the 1.6 is anything like the 2.0 Zetec E, the head is going to be the biggest draw back. I ported and polished my head with +1mm valves and each cylinder flows nearly as much as the whole head did before the machine work. It's expensive but will really open it up. Plus it maximizes any future power adders you may want to install in the future ie TB, headers intakes and exhaust

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