ford focus 2002 2.0 spi, wagon

oscar murillo
Is winter in Canada, Don't know exactly how it works, but my tank is 40 liters, and I have been getting only 300 kilometers to a full thank, I made the math etc, and is roughly 18 miles per gallon, seems pretty low, anyone got any idea as what could be giving me such low gas mileage, need to solve this problem, I'm just learning...
I'm not entirely sure to be honest mate but as nobody else has had a pop i might as well.

"All engines operate most efficently after they reach a certain temperature. As outdoor temperatures drop, it will take longer for a car to reach optimal temperatures.

Colder air is denser, so additional energy is required to push a car through it. As a plus, I believe the denser air allows a car to generate more power (like a poor mans turbo/supercharger), but I don't believe it does that without additional cost.

Snow/slush will create more drag than just water and will tend to remain a problem longer than water as it won't evaporate as quickly as water will evaporate at higher temperatures. Also, it doesn't drain off as readily as water will.

In winter it is also darker for longer, when mean more use of headlights which drain the battery or, in ICE only, may require alternator to run harder.

Thats about all I can think of. But there may be others." - Shiba3420 (

Basically I think it's just a matter of the car needing to reach it's optimal temperature and when it's bloody freezing outside it has to use more energy and therefore fuel in order to operate in the correct fashion.

Hope this helps
Welcome mate, or maybe, just maybe now, you just have a heavy foot, not pointing fingers, just saying it could be, you never know.

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