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Hey all

I posted the query in my first thread but i just wanted to clarify would putting 18 inch rims on my ford focus sort the ride height problem i have encountered since adding a body kit to the car. I have 16 inch rims on at the moment but whenever i hit a dip or pothole in the road the front bumper keeps catching the road and scratching.

Waynne you also suggested stiffer springs may help could you suggest any in particular.

Also is a switchable remap the best way to go to improve the performance on my Focus 1.8 TDCi and where would be the best place to get this or other remaps?

Although it may help increase the ride height you may introduce other problems like rubbing on the arches. Rim size is only a small consideration as it is the tyre profile that determines the overall height of the wheel. A bigger wheel will also alter your gearing and render your speedo inaccurate.

Not sure myself when it comes to Focus springs but you definately want something a bit harder to stop the body rising and falling so much. I've heard some people adding bump stops or using longer mounts in the suspension turrets but these options seem to be a bit of a bodge to me.

What is the amount of ground clearance you have front bumper, drivers door, rear bumper. What is the size of the gap between the top of the tyre and the arches? Has this car been lowered at all? If so the standard springs may well suffice.
Thanks for the advice .... I will measure up the car this evening as I don't have it right now and I will put it on tonight and if you could help me that would be great... I have already paid 100 pounds twice for two reprays of the front bumper.

I also wondered if you could suggest any companies who specialize in remaps ... I see switchable remaps seem quite popular on the site.

the measurements are:

12 cm (120mm) from fromt bumper to ground
13 cm (130mm) from driver door to ground
19 cm (190mm) from Back bumper to ground
6.5 cm (65mm) from top of typre to wheel arch
6 cm (60mm) from side of tyre to side of wheel arch

Its not been lowered via suspension but the body kit i have added has meant the front bumper in particular is very close to the ground.

Do you have any suggestions to help?

Also i went on the dreamscience site and there were a couple of tuning options for remapping : dsci tuning platform (seemed to be a self maping system you can download and do yourself) ,stratagem and a one shot tune. Which would be the best out of the three? Also is celtic tuning worth a look because you seem to mention them frequently on the site.

Thanks alot for any help
Celtic are always work talking to but they are not always very close - it depends where you live in relation to them.

12cm on the front bumper is not a lot. I think some 17 inch alloys and 50 profile tyres will give you a little more clearance but without stiffer springs you might still have a problem with grinding on the front. Probably worth a trip to the scrap yard to source some 7 inch steelies to try the theory out before shelling out on alloys. They will probably let you try them on the car if you explain the problem to them.

The 65mm travel in the suspension is quite a bit though. Do you find the front bumper is ok for clearance when you go very slowly and just grinds when the car is braking?
sorry, what do you mean by the 65mm travel in the suspension?

its not really an issue when i brake but its when i go up or downhill round a bend when it grinds. And the major problem is my drive is a hill and to leave it you go round a bend so every morning i keep on grinding it.

I went to see a tyre specialist today and they said that rims without the recommended tyre profile would render my speedo inaccurate ,which you guys mentioned, and they said 17's and a 40 profile woundnt really make a significant difference. Like you said they advised to go try a new set of tighter springs first and i am going to a tuning shop they said deal in springs and suspensions, so i hope they can sort the problem.

I'll keep you posted on the problem just check tommorrow evening and i will tell you how it went.

Thanks for the advice!!

went to the tuning specialist near my end and he said the only option is a coilover set to help give tighter suspension and maybe if needed a height adjustment. He has offered me £650 for a set of konis and fitting. Is this reasonable?
That sounds OK to me with fitting - I do like Koni kits as well. Let us know how you get on and how it goes.

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