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BMW 520I E39
HI every one , i drive a 520i E39,
its a 2.2 with 170 hp but its just to damn slow...
if any one could give me ideas on how to speed things um a little. that would be great.
i was thinking of a remap but since the car does not have turbo or supercharger people say it wouldnt do any thing to the car.
i like the idea but im not much of a mechanic, im not sure what engine i could put in it.
i found an m5 500hp engine from the same year but im not sure about compatibility .
any ideas on what i can put under the hood ?
sorry for the crapy english, i havent practiced for over 14 years lol
i think that 500 hp is way to much compared for stock 170 :D ud need to change every single think on your car,in order to make it reliable,safe or even drivable :) engine swap is not a bad idea considering that bmw engines are allready preaty tuned,and are not easy to work with,especialy if u dont have much knolage about engines... i recommend to go for turbo models,smt like 3.0 turbo from 335 i orm smt like that :) 2.8 non turbo models are also good choise,they are not as tuned as other models,it is smt like detuned version of 2.5 coupe models... bouth have 193 hp...and they go as hell,ive driven 328 i e 46 and it goes like hell!! :DD much much faster than 320 :D its also straight 6 as your and it would fit without major problems...same way for 3.0 turbo model... just pay atention that u have to do other changes(especialy if u go for more powerful ones like the 3.0 model) like clutch,potencialy gearbox breakes suspension e.t.c ... also u can consider adding turbo to your engine...its usualy very compicated,couse u have to do a lot of changes on the engine for reliability,but bmw has very `tough`straight six engines made for sporty driving so it can take lot more pressure than normal engine... my friend added turbo to his 1993 520 i without ANY changes on the engine drove it for a pretty long time,without any problems...and it was damn fast! :D maybe consider changeing comprasion ratio,and i think that would do the job (but i do not guarantee maybe my friends case was just a coinsidence and it CANOT be done on every car ) let us know what did u decide to do with your car :)) good luck... hope this helps
i think the best thing is to sell the 520i and buy a 540i for 2000$ price diference.
i was hoping for a easy simple and fast solution, but it seems in my case no such luck,
xaxa belive me one think-ull never find that fast simple solution if ure not totaly in tuning and know a lot about engines :) even if u knew it all u need a lot of work hours and right tools to make significant power gains... ofc u can allways pay som1 else to do it... but it aint cheep :) and its much much easyer and cheper to buy 540 i than to pay som1 to tune your car... only diference is insurance with will be higher for 540 i :D but youl get a v8... older bmw v`8 got(atleast for me) best sound a car can have :) pure v8 #!#!#!#! xaxax :DDD
just listen to this e 34 540 i and im sure youl make your decidion :DDD
you post got stuck because of the link.

if you can pick up a 540 for the same price as the engine its probably the best option.
the suspension and brakes would also need to be uprated due to the extra weight. possibly also the rear diff would need down due to the 100bhp difference.

get the 540 and im sure these run pretty low compression and take a supercharger quite nicely
OMFG i love the 540I!!!!!!!!
i saw a few videos on youtube the sound !!!
the power!!
i think im in love hehe.
on normal drive how much does it consume?
The 540i is very good indeed. But if you're going to replace the whole car don't dismiss the 530d. A remap will pick up the already big torque figure.

I have an E39 528i SE (the later M52TUB28 engine with double VANOS) and with the Steptronic transmission.

It's OK - the official performance figures look quite good (and it does match these quite easily) but the real world shove is nothing particularly special to be honest. A new 520d Touring in standard tune would keep pace with it quite happily.

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