Where to buy Performance upgrades for my new 2014 535d xDrive


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535d xDrive M sport
Hi my name is Alan and I just bought this 2014 535d xDrive with the m package I would love to tune this diesel so I don't know where to start can somebody point me in the right direction I live in Oregon and I don't have to smog it so pretty much anything goes.
I would like to get the most out of my 535d xDrive and I don't know where to start I'm having a real hard time finding anybody here in the US. Is there a tuning box where you can tune the ECM as you see fit like a bi-directional scanner that works on BMW's where can I buy downpipes and EGR Delete kits and stuff for a 2014 n57 diesel
Where can I buy parts like EGR Delete kit performance catted downpipe or non catted downpipe where I can get a stage 2 or 3 tune for my 2014 535d xDrive for it.ported cylinder head maybe with bigger valves internals crank rods Pistons how about a used engine that I could build.I'm capable of doing all the mechanical work but is their engines that you can buy that are already built for this car N57 performance engines for track use please give me some names of some credible companies to buy these parts from.
Thank you Alan
I merged these threads into one forum to save us replying multiple times to your questions, plus I'm sure people with the 535 will be looking in this forum.

Where have you tried? are you happy to import them? Did you see anything on ebay, i put a link up in one of your other threads.
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