bmw 530d project. need help!


Hey All, bought myself a 1999 BMW 530d 9 months ago and want to look into tuning the car - Ill tell you a little about it first:

When I bought the car it had obviously been abused a lot by its previous 3 owners and I ended up replacing the breaks, pads, linkages, roll bars and front offside suspension. The engine is in good condition as is the interior.

Since getting the beemer (or my baby XD) I have (as well as replaced the above) put in chrome angel eyes w/ HID's, tinted windows and tinted rear lights, K&N panel air filter and remap. I have also fitted an aftermarket parking sensor kit... which unfortunately is useless and has torrets.... (yes I hoped you all smiled there) and resprayed m5 alloys.

On the cards is replacing my front discs as they are warped (I had to heavy break when they where new as a boy racer thought it was smart to come down a road...the wrong way!), lowering the car by 20mm and putting on the face lift 5 series bumper .

Basically I am looking to increase the power and torque of the car, more interested in 0-60 rather than top end and I'm not sure where to go next with engine tuning / modifications.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

You've already remapped the car. That is the single biggest performance opportunity.

You talk of torque, that's good. It's the stuff the flings the car down the road when you flex you right foot.

0-60 is a stock measure of acceleration but acceleration doesn't need to be measured from a stationary standing start.
Better flowing intercooler and larger turbo are the next obvious mods, but the cost of these is typically quite high (especially the latter).
Ahh Cheers All - Well Im looking at buying the PI springs from -> to drop the car by 40mm using the PI Spring Kit Sportpack (if anyones had experience with there your reviews woul dbe greatfully received) and going to price up a bigger turbo tomorrow XD
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