need help with a nocking noise from M5 engine



hi ppl ive got an issue with my engine ive got an knocking noise comeing from it and i dont have a clue wer it is ive repalced the head gasket replaced the cam shaft the oil pick up n im not sure any more any ideas ?
Re: need help with a nocking noise from the enginge

hey and welcome to the site mate.

are these engines not chain driven rather than timing belt ? it isnt slack by any chance is it

hard to tell with knocking noises as could be a whole host of stuff. is it from the top or bottom ? all the time or only on idle, part throttle, full throttle
Is it a tapping, intermittent bang or regular knocking? Is it definately the engine or the gearbox?

Obvious things, are all the engine covers and hose/wire clips secure?

Welcome to TorqueCars, i've moved this to our 5 series forum where it will get more attention than if left in the welcome forum.
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