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Hi everyone. New to this site, so please give advice. I'm trying to get as much pwer and torque from a 1600 vw golf motor. Its for ovaltrack racing, so top speed is not an issue. We are limited only on cc (1660cc) and must be normal aspirated. I'm currently running on twin weber 40 sidedraughts, 298 degree hydraulic cam, branch and methanol as fuel. 2lt mp9 head fitted with stock valves and not ported. What I would like to know is, if i will gain more power with the old mk1 gti 1.8lt ported and bigger vave head than a standard 2lt head, or will it be better to port the 2lt head. Currently I'm on 104kw with the 2lt head setup, but I need to get up to 110+kw.
Please, any advise will be appreciated
Greetings and Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend! :)
I am unable to help you with your question/s directly, but you are definitely in the right place for the answers! Somebody will be along in a little while who will be able to assist you with some answers or suggestions to your query!
Good luck! :)
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