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golf gti 2.0 v8
hi i live in the portsmouth area i own a mk4 8v golf on a w plate and have done for three years i am looking for more power out of her i have a bmc induction kit and a super sport exhuast from the cat back been looking at a new sports camshaft and power boost vales i would like to now what more can be done befor remapping it , can you put a superchager on it and if so what bhp would you gain
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they, as any other engine, can be supercharged but dont know if its been done. for the money involved in tuning the 2.slow you can drop in a 1.8t
Forget tuning the 8v champ. worst GTI ever made, no power, and too heavy. In europe they werent even badged as GTI's.

you can fit a rotrex supercharger kit, but will cost you about 2k, plus fitting, engine rebuild costs, new exhaust system to cope with gas expulsion, etc etc etc. oh, and uprated brakes, suspension, ARB's... the list goes on.

Cams and headwork etc, will all give gains, but your number one enemy in a mk4 is weight and crap handling. the amount of money you would have to spend to make that engine perform well could buy you an R32 conversion. in fact, chuck a couple k on, and you could just buy an R32!
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