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Hi guys i own a VR6 golf and was wonderin about supercharging it not been down this road before so not to clued up about it,what sort of charger will i need is the one off a g60 any cop coz i have a brand new one less the component ie pipes and belts was gonna wait until i new what the crack was would be greatfull of any advice cheers dudes.
Claymore is our supercharger enthusiast. The Eaton or Rotrex superchargers seem to work quite well. Lose your air con compressor and use the mounting points and belts to drive the supercharger. You should only run low boost or add water injection to avoid detonation.

Is the VR6 not quick enough for you then? :lol: Welcome to TorqueCars, its good to have you along - another one from the VAG stable!
thanks for the warm welcome to the site guys,and thaks for the advice i have a few more questions to im like a kid in a candy store here if i didnt charge it what would you suggest for some more power coz i was worried about detinating the engine.i should be greatfull with her already as is is very reliable drives like a dream and sound sweet but had her for five years now and just need i little more.
I havnt done much just an air induction and an exuast never really had the money to enter the relm of car tuning.
:lol: @ hdi Only if you are old and like your comfort :lol: You old softie!

Adding Nitrous is relatively easy and gives an instant power hike at the press of a button. You might also think about some internal engine work, porting, polishing and flowing the head and manifolds for example. Fast road cams would give more power but the VR6 is nice and smooth so don't upset this with a wild cam profile. A sports cat will free up another few bhp.

Take it on the rolling road and see if you are still getting the standard power figures - it might be in need of a de coke or full service.;)
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