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Hi, does anyone know the torque wrench pressure required for cylinder head bolts on a golf gti mk2 1.8 8v? Got a Haynes manual, but to be honest, it is a pile of sh*t and doesn't even tell me :(
Also, is there any way of telling the engine size? Me and my dad aren't so sure that it is a 1.8 because there are a few things that don't line up to the manual and the head kind of looks like it doesn't belong to the cylinder block :?
Thanks, Peter
Just went ahead and tightened it following the guidelines it gave for the 1.05 and 1.3L models in the end, up to stage 3 where we played it by ear. Measured the rough capacity of 1 of the cylinders as well by putting a big sandwich bag in there and putting a measure of water in; about 400ml filled 1 of them so 400x4 + the capacity of the concave in the head where the valves are should be about the 1.8L
The engine size is generally the end bit of the enging code. Counting the head valves is easy so you can determine if it is a 16V head.

Torque values depend on weather you are doing it dry or wet. I knew a guy who could 'feel' the head bolt stretch as he tightened it and when you tested it with a torque wrench he was nearly always spot on (we hated him)!

If you get leaks or pressure loss you can always apply a little more turn on the bolts. Have you done anything to the head?
We just cleaned the head up by cleaning all the oil out, cleaning up the gasket surfaces, blowing through the oil passages etc. The dodgy camshaft/bearing we just smoothed out rather than getting a new head (i've prob said before - oil wasn't getting to it and it wore a groove in the shaft/buildup in the bearing and siezed the engine) because in a couple of years i'll probably be dropping a vr6 engine in it :D. My dad did the bolts up pretty tight so i don't think we'll have any problems there.
the torque setting are in the blurb at the begining of the engine section, under torque setting.

Make sure you follow the torqueing down sequence correctly or the grooved camshaft bearing will be the least of you worries.

Thats what i was saying, the torque wrench settings weren't in there for the 1.8L. It said "Cylinder head bolts....... for 1.05 and 1.3l refer to section blah blah" and then below it had a: M8 - (2 different numbers), then b: m10 and 2 diff numbers and then below that it was just c, d, e, f with 2 numbers next to them getting higher each time. Think it started with like 15 at a and about 90 at f or something.
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