Mazda 6 katano



Hi everyone, just got myself a 56 plate mazda 6 katano, if anyone is interested, so far it is an excellent car....sounds nice, drives nice, economical when driven sensibly and fast enough when driven less sensibly!

If anyone has one of these cars, I was wondering what kind of modifications work well for it, including performance and aesthetic?

What I would really like to do is add a this a good thing to do....and what else would I need to change to make sure im not smashing other parts of the engine?

Another cheap mod I was thinking of is adding an induction kit or just an air filter (I have a cheap generic one but I worry its detrimental to the engine). I like the sound an induction kit adds but I don't want it sounding like a tractor!

If anyone has any pointers, examples, any information, please let me know!

Greetings and a Warm Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend! :)

I am unable to help you with your question directly, but hopefully somebody can point you in the right direction for the knowledge that you seek!

Good luck buddy! :)
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