06 mazda 6 what should I do?


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Charleston, SC
06 Mazda 6
I want to mod the engine to add power, what should I do first? How much potential do these cars have? Mazdas are not in my field of familiarity sooo I need help.
As opposed to irregular petrol lol. Let's call it gas:) easier to type

OK. You can certainly go down the traditional exhaust and cams route. If you're really brave and relatively wealthy then you can modify the whole engine and turbocharge it. Just expect to be left without a dime once you've completed the project.

In truth I am not the best person to ask about mechanical alterations, let's see if anyone out there (and there must be some) who has proper engine specific knowledge.

Come on folks - answers and input required...................
I just purchased a performance chip for it, I don't know how much good it will do but the reviews from people that had already purchased and tested the product were fairly well. The exhaust and air intake is my next thing. Thanks :p
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