Mazda 626 1997 2L turbo


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1997 Mazda 626 2L
Hi I have been slowly tuning my Mazda 626 and I have gotten to the point where I feel like adding a turbo into my car. My only issue that I have ran into is that I don’t know what turbo to add into the car so I was wondering if anybody had any good ideas or the names of turbos I could add?
The real questions are what is your budget and what power are you hoping for?

Turbos are set up to provide boost, and the curve and effect of this boost varies. A relatively high compression engine like the 626 won't cope with very much.

You could get a supercharger from a salvage yard or scrap yard and set this up to provide a modest amount of boost. You'll probably need to increase the fuelling as well and will certainly need a computer upgrade so a megasquirt or similar aftermarket ECU will help you tweak everything to get it running.

Borg Warner and Garrett are the popular turbos out there but there are many available.

This is not an easy or cheap job to carry out, i've seen many projects either abandoned or blowing up the engine on the first trip out.
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