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Maserati 4200
I am looking for a good maserati mechanic for parts and labor, I am also interested in finding out if it’s possible to modify a 4200 cambio corsa by adding a turbo???????:lol:

If im not allowed to ask this sort of question sorry.

All questions are welcome on here, unless they are blantent advertising attempts:)

Where abouts are you? I think you will find it a lot easier to add a supercharger. The big problem will be in mapping the engine to get the fuelling mix right but if you can find a remapper then that is half the battle solved.

The Cambio engine is a pretty highly stressed block running a relatively high compression IIRC so a turbo will likely overdo things unless you rebuild the engine with a lower compression ratio.
Hi Waynne
You seem to be the man in the know.
i have a guy that is a god with an ECU, i would happily recommend him if any one needs one he has done all my cars, i always get an extra 50 pounds torque and 50 to 60 HP
I’m sure he would play around with it till it was right..
My main concern is that the block and head won’t handle the extra pressure?
You are at the upper end of the power bands anyway so pushing futher gets really expensive. Personally i'd be inclined to leave the car as it is, resale will be very hard with extensive modifications.

It might be worth looking into fast road cams to see if these offer much improvement, lighter flywheels and a sports catalysts (hopefully you have a 100cell cat but I have known even Ferraris to come with more restrictive cats!)

Water injection has also been used by some to reduce the risk of detonation.
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