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im debating on buying a 2001 maserati 3200 gt or a 2002 porsche carrera 4, because both are around the same price, and both are two of my favorite sports cars. but i would like some advice before i take the dive, and purchase one of these driving machines, anyone out there have any experiance with one or both of these cars, and could you give me any advice.
Hi Nat, you have a hard choice to make there. I think that running costs would sway it for me. The cost of servicing the 3200GT is a lot more than the Porsche and IMHO the Porsche would be more reliable.

Porsche servicing ranges from £260 - £720 and is every 12,000 miles
Maserati servicing (based on a 4200GT) is £1400 every 12,000 miles

Maserati parts are also a lot more expensive so when things do go wrong you end up paying more in the long run.

Get some servicing quotes from local companies, they may be cheaper over there (especially the Porsche) as this will probably be the deciding factor.

It will also be worth looking at depreciation on both cars. What will they be worth in 4 years time? This can really add up and adds a lot more cost to car ownership.
thats very true, and the running costs will help sway my decesion, but the big factor for me is how much fun i have driving the car. i dont mind paying extra, if the car is worth a bit extra. i dont mean worth as in monitary, i mean as in how much my heart rate rises every time i drive it. i want to want to drive the car, it just has to have that "it" factor, but i do want to know about the cost of ownership, but i also want to know about how the people who have driven them feel when they step out. cause i plan on keeping which ever car i pick for quite a while. but thank you for the head part of the decesion process, now i need the heart process figured out.
I would say the Porsche gives more fun and driver experience but I've not driven a 3200GT so I guess I am not very subjective.

You should really try to test drive both. The interior is as important as the outside and some cars can be quite dissapointing when it comes to trim levels.
Let's face it mate it rests on a test drive of both. I've driven Carrera 4 and imo it's a sort of useable everyday supercar tbh. When taking it easy it's so easy to drive, the clutch and steering is pretty light for example. The pedals seemed a bit too upright but maybe that's because I'm tallish. Still a bloody good car in anger though. Only problem is every man and their Nan's dog has one and they bore the hell out of me. I miss boost delivery too.

Never driven a 3200 so can't comment but there you go!
I think the Maserati will be more fun, the engines just sound so sweet. Lets face it, the girls will dig a man with a Maserati key ring more than a Porsche.
thanks for the comments, i think i will go with maser, just because it is a more special car, but i am of course going to test drive both first, but i'll most likely end up with the maser. thanks for all the advice
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