Best Maserati for a first timer


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Which Maserati would you recommend for a first timer to the stable?

It would obviously need to be affordably used. Would the running costs be prohibitive or can one run a Maserati on the same sort of budget you'd spend running an Evo, Porsche or Impreza?
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I looked into buying a 3200 once that came up at a really good price, however it was the servicing costs that put me off, it needs yearly servicing at about £1000 for the basic service, and then more for the bigger services that come up.

I read somewhere for the 3200 that for every three miles driven its £1 to cover servicing, repairs and running costs, except petrol.

I don't know much about other maseratis but thats a bit of what i found when looking at the 3200 :)
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