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I've noticed we've had a few Maserati owners joining up.

So here is a hello thread so you can introduce yourselves and tell us abit about yourself and your car.;)
Hey Wayne,im chris,i have a 3200gt beautiful car especially with the boomerang lights that were later restyled do to not being legal in u.s.....the new lights on the 4200 look like rover lights,and they increased engine to 4.2 from 3.2 but took off the twin 3200 better in lots of ways....anyway hi,im sure there is more of us on here....and the 911 does not share an ounce of the charisma that the maserati marque has. C
I've seen a few new members with Maserati in their profile. They are very special cars and very exclusive I know what you mean by charisma.
Cheers wayne,they are not an expensive car to buy,just v expensive to run lol,you can get a top model for the same price as any of those new jap cars,which may in some cases be quicker but as i said in another post drive past in both cars and i know which one everyone will be staring at,and they sound amazing
hey wayne good of you to put the maseratis in the supercar bracket....i think some of the older ones with the heritage are amazingly beautiful,then the had the box on wheels period which was ended when ferrari bought them in 96 and their first release was my 3200gt,so i do thoink with that heritage ,ownership,and performance-0-60 5 secs top speed 174 that my car is one,some people may disagree,but dont know why
Do you fancy doing a write up on your car? Include things like best points/worst points and some tuning tips if you can think of any you'd like to do. I'll put this in the main site and hopefully we'll get you a few more Maserati owners. ;)
hey wayne is there a way to change the sound of an exhaust without changing it,i have just fitted a twin cone induction kit it sounds so cool and really really shifts even more C
not really, you could have the mid silencers cut out and a pipe welded straight through to make it louder that way it keeps the it looking standard.

you could also take a drill to the back box ;)
hey wayne is there a way to change the sound of an exhaust without changing it,i have just fitted a twin cone induction kit it sounds so cool and really really shifts even more C

The back box makes most difference to the sound. In some exhausts you can remove some of the packing but these tend to be specially made. I don't know of any other way without changing it. The catalyst and 1st expansion box can make a bit of a difference to the noise so you might be able to change these.
Hey wayne if i did take a drill to it would it be the back boxes? do you think it would stay the same size if done neatly....and wwould i just need very small holes to bring a bit of noise out?
HEY SADDLER COOL CLIP....dont really like that programme.....used to do that myself when i wsas 12,but that was ok,waddya think of my baby lol
Hello everybody, I am new would like to say "Hello" and glad to join this forum.

I am driving the Cambiocorsa 4.2, very nice car and treat me good but expensive for service lol...
how come the 3200's are so cheap? I was trying to convince my wife we needed one but someone was running them down on another forum, when I'd mentioned them, Are they high maintenance cars or not
hi all i drive a 4200 campiocorsa, what can i say about it love it love........the car is grey with dark red interior, had it modified a little so it runs at 444HP and an extra 50 pounds torque.
i was going to get the 3200gt but i have heard that they are really expensive to run and maintain due to the turbo.....2 to be precise, nun the less i think the 3200 and 4200 are the collectors car of the future, as they are so different from the GT of old.
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