Making long journeys fun


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What do you do either as an individual or as a family to make those boring long journeys more enjoyable?

We play yellow car, number plate word games where you make up a word that uses all the letters in the number plate of the car in front, spot the national express coach/Norbert Dentressangle

On my own I crank the music up to window vibrating levels!

There must be other games or things you can do.
Music. Sometimes loud, sometimes not as I like to listen to my car :)

When I travel with the wifelet we have quizzes on the phones. It started as something to keep her talking to me to keep me alert on long journeys but has evolved :)
When we are all in the car we often do audio books, especially now that the nipper is older (11) and we can play stuff like His Dark Materials that we can all enjoy.
Cabin Pressure? How nice of you to be concerned about your childrens’ education, teaching them things like a cabin differential pressure of 5.5 psi will give a cabin altitude of 8,000 ft at 25,000 ft. I commend you for your responsible attitude sir.
Pretty much a combination of chatting with whoever else is in the car, radio and my own tunes through the phone. I'm usually the driver on long journeys tbf otherwise Id be most likely scrolling through forums and facebook on my phone or reading a book
My grandfather knew how to keep everybody interested during long car journeys. He would read to us; he read the latest amendments to his will.

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