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About time it was updated, so here's a few.




and a mod waiting to be fitted.................
I think I am in love.... :love:

Best looking MG I have ever seen bud!

Cheers bud! :bigsmile:

Very nice indeed. When are you fitting the flywheel then? How much lighter is it?

I'll weigh them this week, got a standard one sitting on the bench in the garage (got a spare KV6 engine for R&D work ;)) should be a few kgs lighter.

I have bought a few bits and pieces over the last two months in readiness. Clutch needed changing as was slipping, so bought a T16 kit, was cheaper than the KV6, bought new flywheel bolts, polybush kit and already have a Torsen Type 'B' PG1 gearbox sitting in the garage waiting for the right time. So the MG is SORN'd so gives me time to get it ready without the need to rush it. Got to look after my back! Also can't be paying garage hourly rates for this work either!
Blue and the black I can live with, would have to draw the line at brown though :)

Hmmm Austin Allegro brown, yummy! ;)

Well I like the blue, matches my team. There were other options but with the monogram colours weigning in at a £2000 option what would you do?
To answer your question Waynne, the standard flywheel weighs in at 9.2kg and the lightened version is 4.6kg, so a sizeable difference. Can't wait to get this fitted and with the Torsen B gearbox.
Flywheel is interesting. It looks as if there is more than one layer.

That is a fair weight reduction (1/2). A track car, yes? Not really an issue, apart from the start. I will be interested in your thoughts once it is tried out in anger.
A few already have it fitted and have said it is a great mod, probably more worthwhile than engine mods considering the costs, purely for the pick up.

It looks odd as the excess 'meat' has been removed from the pulse ring. The OE one is very overweight, as are all mass produced parts. The ring gear is a shrink fit on the OE one whereas the new one is fully machined.

I have a few things lined up to compare to the original set-up. Obviously the next track day will be the benchmark. The last one I had to nurse it through as the clutch was slipping towards the end of the day.
Just seen the thread, looking sweet. I miss my 180.

Cheap as chips these days, criminal really. A friend of mine has a Rover 400 with a T-Series turbo conversion running 180 brakes and Spax coilovers, £800! A right sleeper and goes well. A good late mk2 can be had now from £1200 upwards. A much underated car imo.
Sweet ride...the blue really kicks off in the sun! :lol:

That new flywheel mod will really make a noticeable difference in performance.


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