Supra Turbo pictures

Thought I would get a few last minute pictures up before the snow came again. Apologies for the poor cleanliness of the car in general but it was bloody freezing and weather was forecast for snow so took them quickly :)







Of course. Had the car for just over 4 years now and started out life as a twin turbo 6 speed manual import.
Has about 80k on the clock. Reads as 100 and something but a lot of the mileage was done in Japan before the conversion was done.
Converted to single turbo this time last year after previously running bpu on stock jspec turbos at 400hp.
Now running 580bhp at 1.6 bar on a gt35r dbb turbo.
Standalone ecu hks fcon gold with 3 bar map sensor and hks afr/knock amp.
Hks fuel rail with 650 injectors which are running at max so will be upgrading them in near future.
2 x walbro 255lph fuel pumps.
3.5 inch straight through ss exhaust.
Arnout cast manifold with custom downpipe.
Carbonetic twin plate carbon clutch.
Ksport front and rear brakes. 356mm discs on both with 6 pot on rear and 8 pot up front.
Autobahn88 fmic.
Apexi boost controller.
Racelogic traction control.
5 defi bf gauges. Boost. Egt. Water temp. Oil temp. Oil press. Hks afr/ knock amp gauge.
Koyo uprated aluminium radiator.
Miami gt cooling plate.
Trd rear spoiler.
Do luck front bumper and splitter. ( the bain of my life since its been on)
Momo steering wheel and handbrake leaver.
Custom supra alloy 6 speed gear knob.

Think that covers most but no doubt have missed a few things. Any questions about any of the setup though feel free to ask away.

Future plans are to go with a new turbo kit made by the guys at Whifbitz. Turbo probably the bws366 with twin waste gate tubular manifold. Probably go with some 1000cc injectors and change to the syvecs s6 ecu.
Should make 700hp easily with that setup and have a similar spool time to my current setup.
My paintwork is looking a bit shoddy these days too so looking at getting that sorted around the same time but unsure of colour at the moment. Mrs is not too hot on the idea of lime green lol. Fitting a new oem style bumper is on the to do list also because of speed bumps pretty much killing my current one.

Any suggestions or questions very welcome :)
Thanks andy. Just seems like an ongoing battle just recently. As soon as I get one thing exactly as I want it I find something else not quite up to standard.
Main thing to bug me at the moment is the paintwork which has a few too many stone chips for my liking and the front bumper which has had too many run ins with speed bumps.
Keeps things interesting though as there is always something to keep me busy. Would feel lost without something to do to it :)
ive got loads of plans for mine but never seem to have enough spare and by the time ive saved enough il want something else
Big Supra fan, car looks and sounds great, very neat, I love it. Maybe look into ''house of colour'' they make some wicked paints, dono about the cost though, but they can even make brown look good.

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