How much is your insurance

The MG is with Peter Best on a classic policy, all mods declared and £138 fully comp. The Discovery 3 is with Directline and costs around £330 fully comp.
Just renewing my business van insurance. Got it down again from £230 renew quote to £160 with Hastings Direct. Additional Tools in transit cover thrown in this year. Nissan Primstar SE 100dci.
Adrian Flux

VW Fox. Fully comp £145/pa

Elan with all mods and agreed value (Not on road yet but wanted to see what it was going to cost me) - last quote was £526/pa which was reasonable IMO.

Being a wrinkly helps :)
It's more than the total sum of body parts I can sold my soul instead
RS6, 530 (Admiral Multicar with C1)
C1 with Son (540) and Daughter as named drivers, 720 ish (think Admiral have got this one to add my Daughter till June was £192 and she only passed 3 weeks ago..shhhhhhh)
Coupe, 131 on a classic policy (Lancaster)
Cabby, 177 on classic policy (Lancaster)
All are fully comp, RS has 13 years NCB, other's start with nothing, classic mileage restricted at 1500 per year
I pay a total of $1100 per year to cover my highly modified Starion,Colorado 4x4 DD and my tandem car trailer.
Being an oldie living in a good area helps keep the cost low.

The Starion is covered for an agreed sum + heaven forbid it gets written off (on the road)I retain the wreck.
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