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My eldest daughter is 17 in December:woot:
We're actively looking for her first car now to learn in as insurance companies don't want to insure her on my gp16 modified Golf. We've been offered from a family friend a Clio and insurance have said this model is fine and learner insurance would be £500 which we're happy with, was expecting £thousands, which then goes towards her full insurance when she passes test and goes onto a full license.
Have any of you had experience in this scenario. Would it be best to register car in my name and have Chloe as primary driver and me as second. Is Chloe going to do better registering car in her name. Can she register it now although she has no provisional yet for 6 more months or have I got to register it then transfer registration to Chloe.
Lots of scenarios so if you guys have any experience I would really appreciate some direction.
Would it be best to register car in my name and have Chloe as primary driver and me as second
Be very careful if you go down this route. This is called fronting and insurance companies will void your policy if they find out. And if you have to make a claim, for any reason, they will find out.
It's fronting if I said I was the primary owner and driver when actually Chloe was and I never/rarely drove it isn't it? Same conditions applies to a spouses car if you own it and actually your spouse is the main or primary driver, that would void your policy also. What I was getting at was if I am car owner but Chloe would be the designated primary driver. Only asking about this route as I can't find on the rules on minimum age a person can be the registered owner of a car. If Chloe can be the registered owner now at 16 even though she has no license then we will put her down as that but basically the car needs to have its registration transferred to someone, just want to find out if it will be me or Chloe.
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Right even more confused. Registered Keeper and Owner, whats the difference. I can't find info on what name to put on the V5 transfer. Why is this difficult to find ?-/
Right Registered Keeper is name on V5 who is primarily responsible for day to day care of vehicle like Tax, MOT etc. Owner I think can be another person but must have an monetary interest in the vehicle. We'll say Chloe is owner also to keep things simpler so I'll have receipt made out in her name. It seems you can register a car at any age just not insure it which is fine, the car not going anywhere until next year and will stay in a locked and alarmed garage here at home. just need to inform my insurance company these new circumstances and way forward to insure this while off road.
Anyone have any other info
What a dilemma Andy only wish I could help you. What it is to be young these days and trying to drive and insure your first car, I feel sorry for the young people of today :(
Don't feel sorry Os. I had to buy my own car at 17 which was a 1977 Morris Marina 1.3L for £200 quid. Today we're looking at a Clio with air-con, electric windows, mirrors, parking sensors, alloys, remote hifi controls with USB connection and list goes on. Oh and it has to be the right colour. How times have changed eh?
Think I've found answer now and we can have Chloe as the registered keeper on the V5 now at 16 which will make insurance time easier next year.

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