Have you had any good insurance payouts on your car


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Has anyone on here done OK or felt fairly treated by their insurers when it came to an accident?

I know the system quite well and I have done OK out of the 3 claims I made. I would say the payout was fair rather than generous but I reckon insurers get a lot of bad press.
I know the system very well (quite literally from the inside ;) ).
So when I was hit in the rear a few years ago I thought I would be ok.

However I got stitched up on my valuation as not a single "professional" engineer could agree that my car was an jap import and much harder to replace "like for like". Even after I gave plenty of evidence to show the value they gave me could not replace my car I could not get any more.

I was forced to use my injury payout (legit injury and the wifelet still suffers 4 years later) to replace my car with the Scooby I have now.
When my 944 decided to spin up it's rears and mate very lightly with a small tree my insurer wrote it off unexpectedly. I wasn't in a good place at the time so accepted the decision although in hind sight I should of fought to get it repaired. Anyway they phoned few days later to say they had valued the car at £4500. I reminded them it had a guaranteed value on the policy of £12000. "Oh, ........... erm we'll get back to you". Took a couple of weeks but they finally found the paperwork and I think reluctantly gave me the agreed value. So glad I got agreed value otherwise I would of been very very out of pocket.
I have my car insured for an agreed value and if in ever happens I also get possession of the wreck.
It is most important to have a record of all modifications noted on the policy as I have the firm belief that the insurance assessor is not my friend should his services ever be needed.

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