Honda City 3rd gen. (1996-2002)

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Hello there people!:lol: This is my first post!I have a question for my car and I would be glad if anyone could help.

I need four good (hard) springs for my city's suspension because the originals are too soft.Iwould like to install these on the original shock absorbers so they must fit on them.If this is not possible then recommend a pair of shocks/springs but notice to fit on the city.

Hello there and a warm welcome to TorqueCars.

I've not seen many suspension upgrades for the City but there must be something out there.

If you want to use the standard dampers then don't lower the car.
Gidday friendly people of torque cars..I have only just signed up with torque cars. And I am really enjoying reading all the great knowledge on the site bout car mods and dos and donts..I am serious learning a lot from torque cars..which brings me now to my next question..and please don't laugh..haha!! I own a Honda City E 1st or 2nd gen..NASP..even since I have ever heard about these brilliant light economical little cars..I have toyed with the idea of turbo charging one just for I realise there is 3 models of city turbos..but my NASP Honda City E..Hondamatic..has a 10.2 compression ratio..engine number er4..I have read torque cars forced induction section..which is y now I am having second thoughts..can I rig up a small turbo on this little beast..without any major engine rebuild?? Is there small turbos out there fit for a 10.2 compression ratio??or can simply install supporting mods to avoid catastrophic engine detonation?? These are my thoughts..any advice will be deeply taken into consideration..and again thank you torque cars for such a brilliant website..✌️
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A supercharger and water injection will help in your application. You'll only be able to run low boost though.

Have you thought of changing the compression ratio of your engine?

Adding a turbo is not a simple bolt on mod, unfortunately. There is a lot more involved. I've seen too many people try it and end up destroying their engine and settling with an engine transplant.

There are lots of engine swap options out there for you that will be cheaper, easier and provide a bigger power gain than adding a turbo to your engine. ;)
Awe mean thanks obi a super charger on low boost and water injection set's funny you say that obi cos in amongst my research I read a piece about water injection systems and woundered if I would need the same application..and yup deffinitly low boost..specially on a compression ratio of 10.2...

Concidering lowering my compression ratio..I was hoping I wouldn't have too..but then after reading the induction section on torque cars..I started second guessing myself and thinking I may have i came across some how toos on lowering compression ratio..big job man big job..the easiest 1 I came across was installing a thicker head gasket..and I can picture in my head how that would work..would give a few more mls at mate correct me if I'm wrong please..I rather be directed on the rite u already have done..

ok so engine swap yea.question time..sorry obi mate but I'm gonna raddle your brains..I really hope you don't mind mate..could you please send me on the rite path of research for wat kinds of engines would fit in my lil City..umm is different Honda engine models..or is it wat ever I could fit in the front end of my city..sweet thanks obi_wayne mate..I leave it there mate..big thank you for your advice mate and for sending me in the rite direction..and last but not least..thank you for such in depth information big help man big help..!!!
Hello again great people of torque's the Honda City E owner a question..I would really like to find a mechanics Manual for my Honda City..chassi num...JHM...engine number pretty sure it's a 1988..umm if anyone knows where on the web I can search for..or does any1 have 1 they kindly want to give away or even sell on..on know where I can get 1..cheers would so much appreciated as I want to learn all my er4 engine components...thank you willz..!!!

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