New to car modding, have Honda Crv 2000


honda cr-v 2000

I am new to the forum and also to car modding in general.

I am interested in modding my 2000 honda crv (automatic) that I got from my parents.

Was wondering what kind of performance mods I can throw at it/ how much would it cost (approx) here where I live (toronto).

Anyone have any suggestions? The only thing i've done is paint the rims black and do some research on suspension.

Any help would be appreciated and thanks for advance.
Greetings and Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend!
Good to have you along with us :)

Do you want to do it on the cheap or properly? Give us a budget that you have to work with and one of our members will be better placed to make some informed suggestions to you! ;)
Hey thanks for the reply,

well of course I want it done properly, but I guess a hybrid of quality and price would be my preference.

depending on what the mod is, my budget may have a broad range because I would save for whatever the next project is. I have a part time job but have couple of hundreds for disposable income that i can save.
Glad to hear you wish to do it properly, so many don't in which case then this is not the website for them.
Well the first thing I would do is to uprate the brakes and then the suspension all round, get the car stopping and handling properly before sticking on the go faster goodies. You can just buy stiffer springs or dampers or full coilovers depending on what you are looking for handling wise. Replace the exhaust system with a free flowing version i.e. no manufacturers restrictions built in. Cylinder head works, forged pistons, bigger injectors, fuel pump etc can be done as and when your funds allow.
hey and welcome to the site mate.
seeing as your across the pond im guessing its more likely to be petrol in what case its going to get dear to get any real performance from it. in other words forced induction, although parts for the conversion will be more readily available over there and probably cheaper than here it still will cost a few $ then you need to look at can the auto box handle it or are there any upgrades available ?

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