Honda city 1.5 performance upgrades


Honda City 1.5
i wanted to upgrade my car. no add-ons till now.
no clue where to start from. so i could use some help, any suggestions?
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its a 1500cc 4-cylinders in-line 16-valve..i've considered air intake system i need a free-flow exhaust to compliment the new air intake??
thats what i ws worried the installer here said it wont matter as the filter would be placed near the fender and it would suck in air from outside..and the enclosed one is 5000(rupee) costlier than the regular one..m so confused nw..
and should i go with the exhaust system??..does it improve the power and response??
The kit I think you're talking about is called the 57i. The pipe doesn't stretch far enough to get the cone at front of the bumper/wing.

An exhaust will add a little extra power most notable on throttle response. You can go for a cat-back, or full system. The 4 system would include a stainless steel manifold.

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