Honda Accord 2008 on rear brake wear



Hi I have a 2008 Honda Accord which has just done under 19000 miles and the garage has told me that the car needs new rear brake pads and discs. In my experience of other car makes this is at least half the mileage I would expect pads to wear for and I am amazed that the discs also need replacing. I think this is a fault with the car as the garage told me it was due to the action of the cars VSA system and my suspicions are aroused by Honda US settling a class action for Accord models where there has been excessive brake wear - see this article in the NT Times -

However, Honda say its all down to my driving style and fair wear and tear. Any thoughts on how to tackle this much appreciated. I would also like to hear from any others with a similar problem - together we would be stronger.

hey and welcome mate

you post got stuck as it contained a link
19k to wear out the discs is bad, for the pads it does depend on driver

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