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I've got two 6x9s and two front door speakers and i am going to hook them up to a 4 channel amplifier.

However i want to leave space for a subwoofer and a mono amp to power it at some point.

SO how many preouts do i need on my headunit to power both the four channel amp and a mono amp for a sub.
Six but your can get away with four. Most decent stereo's these day will have separate for each. Ie front,rear and also a separate dedicated sub out.
When I say six I mean 6 connections as in 1+ and 1- being 2.
If your only have four outputs then you can use one for the fronts and split the other between the 6x9's and the sub.
My advise would be to spend around £200 on a decent head unit and it should come with separate channels for each.
if its only got 4 you could get Y connectors for the 6x9s and front speakers. so you can still control the gains to each set. not the best setup but i managed for a year. as TN said if you dont already have a decent HU then get one
Try your best to get a head unit with 6 pre outs, and even better if the head unit has a in built variable Hi and Mid crossover, that way you will have much more control over the sound and be able to adjust the sound to match your speakers, most multi channel amplifiers have built in crossovers (high pass, lo pass filters) but having it on the head unit is easier to control while sitting in the drivers seat!
hello there, i had to install a similar system into my missus 07 307 sport, i did it using the original headunit which had no pre-out as i didnt want to start destroying the originality of the car as at the time i didnt wanna invalidate the electrical waranty on the car, i bought 4 high power to low power rca converters, they connect to your normal speaker wire outputs on the headunit, i replaced all 4 door speakers with vibes and hooked a 4 channel amp up under the passenger seat, i had to put some inline supressors in due to the amount of electrical interference on these peugeots, i then put in some rca splitters off the rear speakers and run em through to the boot and into another amp which i used for the sub, you dont have as much control from the headunit as most people do like but you can offest the gains through the amps individually to get the sound your looking for, the setup the wife now has makes your eyes go blurry with the bass when you crank it up and the speakers dont screach at you as though your ears are about to burst but all in all its a pretty good system.

cheers M

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