head unit, killed battery over night


Torque Junkie
mk II Punto 1.9
installed head unit battery died!

when i replaced my stock tape player in my punto with a cd player, it doesnt go on/of with the car, i have to do it manually. also when it is turned of on a night i noticed it was ALL lit up and it was displaying the time on the screen. i havnt used my car for 2 days and went to start it up now and i can just hear the starter motor ticking. the central locking doesnt work either.

there is a loose red wire at the back of my head unit, but its just a lose red wire with exposed copper ends.

Where hsould this go, ?
First of all how is it wired in? Red on the head unit should go to a live on the car. Depending on what head unit it is determines whether it should be permanent or switchable. And the yellow is the same.
err, its nout special jsut a blaupunkt, till i fork out for a decent one, i bought it so i didnt have to listen to tapes lol. it connect exactly the same as my standard punt one. theres to black plugs, and a smaller blue one, then this random loose red wire
i lloks liek it must have been pulled, so the black are the power? il go have look now
ok so im lost lol, took some snaps of my leads and head unit

and they wont upload... so the red wire has a fuse along it and a bare copper end, the red wire comes of the BLUE plug, which also has a brown wire, with a clip on which i connected to a bare metal tab on the back of the head unit.

then there is a white plug with loads of wires, and a GREEN wire which is lvie right?

then a black lpug with loads of wires ut it has a purple one, other than that the wires from these plugs are the same colour

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