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granada scorp 2.9v6

I have a granada scorpio 2.9v6, what would the be the best way to up the Hp etc on a budget?

Ive been trawling the internet but as the cars such an old model info is scarce and sketchy..?

Ideas on parts and tunning etc greatly appreciated. ..

I know there old but I love'em... lol
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Hope you enjoy your time with us.

I love old granada's.
What sort of budget are you thinking?
First of all i'd give it a good service to get the engine nice and fresh.
What sort of mileage is it at?
Its showing 88,000... and as for buget ill probably be able to manage around 2-250 a month witha a total buget of between 1000-1500...
My previouse one saved my lef when a foreign lorry dri e drove me into the hard shoulder of the M25 at 60+... I loved the car before that but that sealed it forever .. lol ;)
Possibly,.. the lady owner was fairly clueless. But interior and bodywork in great shape.. ( the car not the ownner..) ;)
Shes booked in for a full service with a garage I trust, and hes gonna give it a full and indepth going over for me for free as ive put so much work through him in the past.. so step ones almost complete...
Thats good, but it doesnt specify a good induction kit,.. I know or think I know I need cone type situated to get as much cool air as poss...

which are the best / most reliable....
Car was a bust and the owner a very bad liar on both the add and to my face... no log book, every arch blown wwith rust, started on the fourth attempt and sounded like it had major problems under the hood... all the window surounds were rusting through.. full length of the exhaust needed replacing... and she said in the add and on the phone to me that it was I very good order...

all in all more work than I could aford in both cash and time...

suppose ill keep looking...
What about getting hold of a later Mondeo V6? There are still a few decent ST24s about, chain-driven engine, sounds good.

Or if you want old-skool RWD get hold of a 3.0/3.2 Omega maybe?
I have looked at those in the past,

And they are all good options, but ive a real bug for that model.. ive also spent a fair amount of time researching what I can do with performance and styling on the gran scorpio.

Ive seen a couple more for sale both looked real good but a little out of my price range...
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