granada 4x4 question....


cavalier sri
i am having a little trouble with my car....

Many people have put up questions on the granada scorpio sites regarding this but it would seem not that i have seen no one no's how to solve it :(

My shock absorbers on my car are seriously old leaking boncing around and need to be replaced but! i cant find any at all anywhere......

xr4x4 do not fit as they are for a sierra and the spring cups are a differnet design.

Now i am stuck as i don't really want to go to standard and would prefer to go uprated i.e stiffer slightly lower etc etc. if i can get them....

it would seem No where manufactures the shocks nor do they even recognise them!. And all say "gosh thats a rare car"!! .....ugh..... annoying....

Here is what i have been thinking and would like some input if it was possible.

The Granada 4x4 has differnet hubs to the 2wd version obviously due to them having the drive shafts in the front aswell as the rear obviously.

i have been thinking long and hard regarding this hubs and what the hell i can do with them as i need some shocks for my car. and i have come up with a possible conclusion the granada where superseded by the mondeo mk1 as the new large car (scorpio was carried on untill 1998...thats another story) Now i looked at the mk1 mondeo hub and the granada hub and they look very very simular or almost identical the obvious difference is one has a roller taper bearing (granada) and the mondeo has double row ball bearing type the most common on most vehicles.

my question is would a mondeo hub fit a granada 4x4 ? and most importantly would the shocks fit!? if it did it would do away with the annoying roller taper bearing as well as the make life alot easier for me and many others who ask the very same question, where to purchase the shocks from!

thanks again and any ideas would be great!

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