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hi again folks.......ok i need some help..... and as u know i always come ere first!!! usually saves me loads of time coz ur all so amazing :) ( creeeping done now) ....

does anyone know where i could find wiring diagrams for my dad (not that my dad has wires) ... hes putting a 2.9 24v cosworth engine from a mk3 granada.. into his 2.8 mk2 granada.... but hes a bit stuck coz of all the wiring....

so hes given me the job of trying to hunt down on the internet some wiring diagrams that could be of use to him!!! ive found writen explanations on it, but he wants diagrams so he can actually see wot he is doin!!!!!

soooooo if any of u great people know where i should go, or if u could possibly put a link up for me, it would be much appreciated... and save me hours of pulling my hair out tryin to find something that i dont actually know if its right!!!! thanx a million, u guys rock!!!
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I guess I just get there first!:)

Feel free to post up in our many other varied and interested topics, always interested to hear your opinions and comments.:D
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